User Import

User Import Overview Video

Important information for the Import

-When going to your Pulse account, in Settings and User Import at the top right is Download Example. This example and formatting can be used for importing. 

-Everyone must have a first name, last name, email, and phone number.

-If the user has a guardian, do not put the guardian’s contact info in the dependent’s fields.
Example: do not have the guardian’s email address in both the email and guardian_email columns. This is the same for phone numbers.

-The email must have a full for example and the phone number must be at least 10 digits.

The information for Rows:

Gender: Must be Female, Male, or Other with the first letter being capitalized. Can be empty and defaults to Undisclosed / Prefer Not To Say.

Any dates: Will need to be in the format: 2023-02- 20 (year- month-day).

State: Will need to be AZ or az, it can not be fully written out as Arizona.

ID’s from Pulse: Memberships, Roster, Rank, Stripe ID, and Tag.

-Out of these Membership is the only one required for a member import. The membership ID will only be used for a membership import.

- Roster will pull from the membership template, this would need to be added if they want a different Roster.

- Rank is highly suggested. If imported blank, the user will start at the first Rank and need to be manually promoted to the correct Rank.

-For Stripe ID, this would be your user's credit card information turned into an ID. 

  • Stripe ID is not required for import, and members can be asked to update a card on file. 
  • -Note: Only one family member can have the Stripe ID. If multiple family members the others would be left blank and need to update a payment method on file. 

- Tags would be for labeling. These could be utilized later for communication or organizational purposes. 

Membership_started_at: This is required for member import. Most of the time this is going to be their current billing cycle start date. For example, for a year-long membership if you put 2018, but it is currently 2023, they would come in as a past member. This column tells Pulse when they should expire and how many bills a user should have left.

  • Note if open-ended the date can be 2018 though.

Charge Downpayment: This will need to be left blank any information in there will cause a downpayment to be charged. If you would like to charge a downpayment, yes can be added. 

Price: This is optional, if left blank it will pull from the membership template. If someone is on a grandfathered-in price you may want to add that. Example: A user still pays $100 vs the $200 on the membership template.

Created_at: This can be any date when a user started.

Belt_size: Any size you currently offer

Type: This would be any type. For the member import it can be left blank since the import option member will be automatically selected. You would want to fill this out for Leads, Past Members, Contacts, and Past Trials.

  • Note for the ones in the past the need to say Past Trial or Past Member specifically with the cap.

Notes: You can put any information you would like here. It would need to be all one paragraph and cannot be split up into lines.