Membership Pricing Options

The Key Steps

  1. Click the Settings icon
  2. Select Membership Templates under Global
  3. On the Membership Templates page:
    1. select Create Pricing Option - each membership will be a payment option i.e. paid in full or monthly
    2. Complete all 4 pages of information for the option
  4. On the final page click the Save button

👇 For more detailed steps refer to the article below:

Adding Pricing Options

Within each Membership group, you can add multiple pricing options based on what options your business offers. 

To create a pricing option, navigate to the Membership Templates page by clicking the Settings icon on the left side panel and then clicking on Membership Templates under the Global section.

Click on the Create Pricing Option button in the top right corner of the screen. 

Once you are on the Create Pricing Option page there are 4 pages you need to fill out to create the new option:

Page 1: Basic Information 

On this page, you will give your pricing option a name and select which membership group you want it to go under. 

TIP: If you want to put this option under a membership group you have not built yet, you can click on the New Group button to create a new group. 

Next, decide if you want this option to appear on your public signup page. For example, if you have a special legacy membership, you may want to uncheck this option so it is not publicly posted. 

The next option indicates whether you want your new member to be able to choose when the membership starts. If you do not have this option selected, the membership will start immediately. If you do select this option, when members sign up, they'll see a calendar with the next 4 weeks available. They'll be able to choose when their membership begins.

The text you add in the description box will be included on the Membership group page and the page for the individual pricing option.

The text in the staff notes will only be able to be seen by your staff when they are signing people up. 

Your last option on this page is to add a thumbnail for this option. The Thumbnail lets you upload an image from your files to be used on the Membership Group page for this option. 

Once you finish adding the Basic Information on this page click the Continue button at the bottom of the screen.

Page 2: After Sign-Up

This page determines what settings are applied to a student’s account after they sign up for this membership option. You first select which rosters you want the student to be added to which will determine what classes they can sign up for. If you choose multiple rosters, the user will be prompted to choose which roster they'll join when they sign up for their membership.

Next, you have the ability to assign multiple tags to the member’s account. To select more than one roster or tag hold the control button while you select the options you want. 

The redirect URL field is where you can add a website page you want the member to be sent to after they finish signing up. 

Once you are done on this page you will click the blue Continue button at the bottom of the page.

Page 3: Add-ons

This page is for adding products to be purchased with the membership. You can select any of the products you have added to your Point of Sale and then click the Add Selected button to add it to the cart.

Once you have added a product here you can check the box next to the product in the required column. This will make it a required add-on that the customer needs to purchase when signing up for the membership. 

When you are done, click the blue Continue button to go to the next page.

Page 4: Billing Cycles

The first option on this page is to select what type of membership you're creating. The default options are trial membership or full membership, but you are able to add more in the "membership type" section in your settings. 

Next, you have the option to select a different agreement than the one you selected for the membership group or you can leave it set to the original agreement. 

Next, you will select the Payment Frequency for this specific pricing option. 

You can set it to Paid in Full so the customer pays for the entire membership upfront or you can set payments to be taken out weekly, biweekly or monthly. 

The Membership Start Type field is where you will specify how long after signing up the member will get charged. The start options are:

  • Immediately - the member will be charged downpayment and their first interval payment as soon as they signup
  • Allow Customer to Choose - the member can pick when they start from a 4-week window and their down payment will be immediately charged, but they will not be charged until they start
  • X Days After Signup - you will indicate how many days after signup the member gets charged their first interval payment, downpayment will be charged immediately 
  • Fixed Day Billing - you specify what day of the month people on this plan get charged

You have the option to 'Prorate the first bill' if you want to charge them based on how far into the billing cycle they signup.

In the Membership Length field, you will specify how long you want the membership to last. 

The Number of Payments field should only be used if you want payments to be taken at irregular intervals(i.e you need 8 payments taken over 12 months).

The following option lets you select whether you want the membership to renew automatically when the member reaches the end of the membership period.

In the Price field, you will put how much the member will be charged each billing cycle. This means if you selected weekly as your billing frequency you will need to enter how much to charge the member each week. 

You also can manually select here whether you would like the processing fees to be passed to the member when they sign up. 

The Down Payment field is where you will enter the cost of your down payment if you charge one. If you want that down payment to collect again when the membership renews, you'll check the box under your down payment.

Once you are done with everything you will click the  Save button in the bottom right corner of the screen.