Bulk Messages

The Key Steps

  1. Select the Communication icon
  2. Click on Bulk Messages under the Messaging section
  3. Click on the New Bulk Message button
  4. Name your bulk message in the Name Bulk Message field
  5. Select what type of message you want to send(email, SMS or MMS)
  6. Select a Template, if applicable
  7. Click Create Message
  8. On the edit tab, build your message 
  9. On the Settings tab, provide sender information and a subject line, if applicable
  10.  On the Send or Schedule tab:
    • Select your recipients 
    • Select whether to send now or schedule a time and date
    • Click the blue Send button or the blue Schedule button

👇 For more detailed steps refer to the article below:

Creating Bulk Messages

To send a mass email or text to multiple contacts in your system you can create a bulk message. Bulk messages can be sent immediately or be scheduled to be sent at a specific day and time. You also have the option to include images and videos in these messages.

To navigate to the Bulk message page, click on the communication (chat bubble) icon and then select Bulk Messages under the Messaging section. 

On this page you will be able to see all the messages you have scheduled to send, any of your current drafts, and all the bulk messages that have already been sent. 

To create a new bulk message, click on the New Bulk Message button.

You will first give your message a name. The name will not be included in the content of the message, it is mainly used as a reference for admin on the main Bulk Messages page. 

Next, you will select whether the message is going to be an email, SMS or MMS

You also have the option to select a template to use when designing your message by choosing an option under the Select a template column. 

When you are done choosing your basic settings, click on the Create Message button.

Once you are on the main Create Bulk Messages page you will have access to the Edit, Settings and Send or Schedule tabs. 

If you are sending a text, you will only see Edit and Send or Schedule. 

Beginning on the Edit tab, you will create the content for your bulk message. 

When making a bulk email, on the left hand side of the page you will see the editor and on the right hand side will be the message body. From the content section of the editor, you can drag and drop the different content components into the body of your message.

The blocks section of the editor will allow you to format your email by organizing the layout with blocks. Similarly to the content components, you will drag and drop the block layout into your message body. Once you have dragged the block into your draft, you will click on the Add Content button to start filling these sections with content components.

The Body section in the editor is where you can make general changes to the format of your message.

If you like the formatting of your email and would like to save it as a template for future bulk emails, click on the Save as Template button in the top right corner of the screen.

When you have your message formatted and ready to go, if you are writing an email, you will next click on the Settings tab. This is where you will enter the sender information for the email and provide a subject line for your message.

The last step in creating a bulk message is to schedule when the message will be sent in the Send or Schedule tab. 

Under the Recipients section you will see all of the smart lists you have built to choose from. 

If you want the message to go out to all of the contacts in your system you can select All. 

Under the Sending options section, you can select either Send Now or Schedule for later

If you select Send Now, the message will be sent as soon as you click on the blue Send button.

If you select the Schedule for later option you will need to select a time and date for the message to go out. 

Once you have set the send date, click on the blue Schedule button.