The Key Steps

  1. Click on the Settings icon
  2. Click on Rosters under the Global section
  3. Click the New Rosters button
  4. On the Create Roster page:
    1. Give your roster a Name
    2. Select which Style will be used
    3. Add classes you want to assign to this roster
    4. Turn on Guardian Options, if applicable
  5. Click the Create Roster button

👇 For more detailed steps refer to the article below

Setting Up Your Rosters

Rosters are how you are able to group your students based on what classes you want them to access to sign up for. Each roster will be assigned a style and certain classes so make sure you have already built out your classes and styles before creating your first roster. 

Rosters can be organized in different ways based on what programs your studio offers. 

For example, if your studio operates on an A/B schedule you would want to create a roster of students who only have access to classes on A days and then a separate roster for students who only have access on B days.

To access the Rosters page you will select the settings icon and then select Rosters from underneath the Global section. This page is where all of your existing rosters will be listed. 

To create your first roster you will click on the New Roster button in the top right corner.

The Create Roster page you land on is where you will add all the information for your roster. The Name field is where you will put a descriptive name that explains what this roster is for and the Capacity field is where you can set a maximum number of members for this roster.  

Next, you'll assign a Style to this roster from the existing styles you have already created.

The Classes field is where you are able to select what classes the students on this roster are able to sign up for. 

Once you click in the Classes field it will pull up a list of all of the classes you offer. You can select as many classes as you would like from the classes you have created. 

If the roster you are building is for kids there are 2 additional settings under Guardian Options you can select for this roster. If you select the Show Checkout option your staff will be able to keep track of when students check out of class in the Pulse system. The Send Notifications option will notify the student’s guardian when they check in and out of classes via SMS.

Once you have finished entering all of the settings for your roster, make sure to click Create Roster at the bottom of the page to save everything. 

If you ever need to change classes for a roster or alter any of these settings, you can open any roster from within the Rosters page and click on the settings tab to make edits.