Styles & Ranks

The Key Steps

  1. Click on the Settings icon
  2. Click on Styles under the Global section
  3. Click on the New Styles button
  4. Give the style a name
  5. Click the Create Style button
  6. On the Style page:
  7. Click the Add Rank button
    1. Give the rank a Name and Color
  8. Click on the blue Add button
    1. On the right hand side of the page add Rank information(for more details on Rank settings refer to article)
  9. Click on the Save Rank button in the bottom right of the page
  10. Add another rank by entering it in the Name field on the top left 

👇 For more detailed steps refer to the article below

Setting Up Styles

Styles are the different ranking systems you use at your school. The different styles you offer might be distinct Martial Arts styles, like Karate and BJJ, or you might offer both kids and adults programs which utilize separate ranking systems. 

Either way you will want to create separate styles for each of the unique ranking systems you use at your school in order to keep track of how your members are moving through these programs. 

To access the Styles page you will need to click on the settings icon and then select Styles underneath the Global section. 

From the Styles page you can create a new style by clicking the New Style button. You will then be taken to a new page where you can give the new style a name.

Building Out Your Ranking System

Once you have given your style a descriptive name, selecting Create Style will take you directly into the page for your new style. This page is where you will be able to build out the ranking system for this style. To add your first rank to this style click the Add Rank button.

You will first want to assign the new rank a name and a color before you can click add to add it to your style. After you have clicked add, you will have the opportunity to add specific requirements to earn this rank.  

Once the new rank is added to the style, you can give the rank an abbreviation, add a stripe or split, and specify the prerequisites for earning that rank. If you add a stripe or split to the rank, you will be able to select an additional color for that rank to go on top of the color you already selected. 

Underneath the Goals section, you'll enter the requirements to earn this rank. 

The Days in Program field is where you will put the minimum number of days a member needs to have spent in their previous rank before they are eligible for this promotion. 

The Attendance field is where you enter how many classes they need to attend in their previous rank before they can be promoted. 

For example, a white belt is often the rank beginners start with, so the Days in Program and Attendance goals are both set to 0. The last goal you can set is the Minimum Age required to be promoted to this rank. 

Make sure to click Save Rank when you are finished with your edits.

After you have added multiple ranks to a style they will all populate on the left hand side of the page. If you need to rearrange the order of any of your ranks, you will click and hold the 6 small dots to the right of the rank you want to move. You can then drag that rank up or down in your list of ranks to put it in the proper order.