Digital Documents - Agreements

The Key Steps 

  1. Select the Settings Icon
  2. Click on Agreements under Global
  3. Click the New Agreement button
  4. On the Create Agreement page:
    1. Add a name
    2. Add a heading
    3. Use merge tags to build out Agreement body(for more info refer to article)
    4. Add cancellation terms if applicable
  5. Select the Save Changes button when you are done

👇For more detailed steps refer to the article below:

Creating An Agreement

All of the important legal documents you will need your members to sign, like waivers and member contracts, will be built and stored on the Agreements page. 

Each of the different memberships you offer will have one agreement assigned to it. 

For this reason, when you build out your agreements you will want to make sure you outline all of the important terms of the memberships you plan to attach this agreement to. You can create different agreements to meet your specific program needs. 

For example, you might build a separate kid and adult agreement or a separate agreement for trials and full memberships. 

In order to access the Agreements page you will need to click on the  settings icon and then click on Agreements underneath the Global section. This page is where all your agreements will be stored.

Once you are ready to create your first agreement, you will click on the  New Agreement button in the top right hand corner of the page.

The  Name field is where you will put the agreement’s name which will appear at the top left corner of the page when clients go to sign your agreement. 

The text you enter in the Heading field will appear in the center at the top of the agreement. 

The  Agreement Body is where you will enter the main content for your agreement. 

If you already have an agreement written out you would like to keep using you would copy and paste it here.  All of the formatting tools you may need to use, like different font and alignment settings, are located in the panel at the top of the Agreement Body section. 

The merge tags are a useful tool when building out your agreements as they are able to dynamically pull values into your form. 

The different types of merge tags are:

  • Contact - these tags pull information from the contact profile of the person signing up for the membership 
  • Account - these tags pull values with information specific to your studio 
  • Membership - these tags pull values specific to the membership the member is signing up for
  • Time - these are tags that pull values about the current time when the membership is being completed
  • Custom - these tags you can create yourself for fixed values you often use, like your email address

All merge tags are surrounded by double brackets([[ ]]). Here is an example of how you can use the merge tags in your agreement:

You have the option to add cancellation terms in the  Cancellation Terms box at the bottom of the page. These will appear underneath the main body of the agreement and directly above where members will enter their e-signature to sign the agreement. 

Once you are finished writing up your agreement, make sure to click the  Save Changes button in the top right corner of the page.