Using Merge Tags

The Key Steps

  1. Go to the message or agreement you want to use merge tags in
  2. Click on the Merge Tags button
  3. From the dropdown select the type of merge tag you want to use
  4. Hover over the type of merge tag to see the tags for that type
  5. Click on a merge tag to add it to your content

👇 For more detailed steps, refer to the article below:

Using Merge Tags

Merge tags are tags you can use in your agreements and campaign messages to pull in values. Many of these tags are dynamic because they will change the value they pull in depending on the contact you are messaging or the membership someone is signing up for. 

When you add merge tags they will always be in all caps and surrounded by double brackets on both sides, for example  [[CONTACT_FIRST_NAME]].

The different types of merge tags are:

  • Contact - these tags pull information about the contact you are messaging or signing up for an agreement 
  •  Account - these tags pull values with information specific to your studio 
  • Membership - these tags pull values specific to the membership the member is signing up for in an agreement
  • Time - these are tags that pull values about the current time
  • Custom - these tags you can create yourself for fixed values you often use, like your email address

NOTE: When using merge tags for a contact that is a child, the phone and email merge tags will pull in the guardian's contact information

To use a merge tag in an agreement or a message (campaign or saved SMS reply), click on the Merge Tag button in the content field of what you are writing. This will open up a drop-down list with the types of merge tags you are able to use. 

Hover over the type of merge tag you want to see a list of the actual merge tags you can use. 

From this new list, click on the merge tag you want to use to add it to your message body.

Here is an example of an agreement built using merge tags:

Here is an example of a message that uses merge tags:

When you actually go to send messages that include merge tags or have members sign agreements that include merge tags, these tags will then be replaced by the appropriate values.