Key Steps 

Creating a Tag Group

  1. Click on the Settings icon.
  2. Click on Tags under the Global section
  3. Click on the New Group button
  4. Provide a name for the Group
  5. Click the blue Create button

The Key Steps

Creating a Tag

  1. Click on the blue New Tag button
  2. Give your tag a descriptive name
  3. Select which tag group you want it sorted into
  4. Click on the blue Create button

👇 For more detailed steps, refer to the article below:

Creating New Tag Groups and Tags

Tags are a way you can label your contacts to help with communication and creating smart lists. To access the Tags page, click on the Settings (gear) icon and then click on Tags under the Global section.

Once you are on the Tags page, you will see all the tags you have, sorted by their groups. You can create groups of tags for programs or contact types, for example.

To create a tag group, click on the New Group button.

In the Name field, you will name the group and then click on the blue Create button.

Now that you have created a group you are ready to make your first tag. 

Click on the blue New Tag button.

You will then give your tag a name and then you can assign the tag to a group

Once you are done setting up your tag, click on the blue Create button.