The Key Steps

  1. Click on the Money icon
  2. Click on Coupons under the Money section
  3. Click the New Coupon button 
  4. Select whether coupon applies to down payments or memberships
  5. Give the coupon a name and code
  6. Select whether coupon is amount off or percent off
  7. Choose which memberships coupon can be applied towards
  8. Click on the Create Coupon button

👇 For more detailed steps, refer to the article below:

Creating Coupons

To offer discounts on your memberships and down payments, you can create coupons to be used when people sign up for memberships. 

To navigate to your Coupons page, click on the Money (wallet) icon and then click on Coupons under the Money section.

Once you are on the coupons page, you will see all the coupons you have that are currently active. 

To make a new coupon, click on the blue New Coupon button.

On the Create Coupon page, the first thing you will do is select whether you want the coupon to apply to the down payment, the membership cost, or both

Next, you will give the coupon a descriptive name and a code

NOTE: The code is what users will type in when they go to redeem the coupon. The code can only contain letters, numbers and dashes.

If you set your coupon to apply to memberships, you will need to set the duration of the coupon. 

Selecting Once means that the coupon will only apply to the first membership payment. The Ongoing option means that the coupon will continuously discount the membership payment every billing cycle until the coupon is deleted.

In the type field, you will select whether the value of this coupon will be a percentage off the price or a specific dollar amount off. If you select percent off, a field will pop-up asking what percent you want to discount. If you select amount off, a field will pop-up asking for how many dollars to take off the price. 

The last thing you need to select is which memberships you want this coupon to work for. 

If you want the coupon to be applicable for multiple memberships you can hold the control button to select multiple at once. 

When you are done click on the blue Create Coupon button.

You will be able to use these coupons when you manually sign people up for memberships and users can use these coupons when they sign up on your customer portal.

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