The Key Steps

  1. Click on the Money icon 
  2. Click on Products under E-Commerce
  3. Click on the Add Products button
  4. Add Product information and click the Save and Continue button
  5. Add Product Options at the bottom of the page, if applicable
  6. Click the Save button

👇 For more detailed steps, refer to the article below:

Creating Your Products

Now that you have added in your categories and suppliers, you can start adding the products you offer to your point of sale. 

To navigate to the products page, select the Money icon in the left hand panel and then click on Products under the E-Commerce section.

Once you have added products, they will show up on the center of your page. 

To add a product, select the Add Products button in the top right corner of the page.

On the Add Product page, you will enter the name and the SKU for the product. The Status field is where you will select Active if you are currently selling the product or Inactive if you are not currently selling it. 

You can choose to add a brief product description in the description box which will show up when clients browse your pro shop in the customer app.

The product price will go in the Price field below the description. 

Beneath the price you have the following 5 options you can select to turn on for this product:

  • Taxable: this will charge your previously set tax rate on this item when it is purchased
  • Fulfillable: this will track any purchases of this product in your fulfillment center, you generally will not set any food or drink items to be fulfillable
  • Allow Backorders: this will allow customers to purchase active items in your pro shop, even if your inventory indicates that the stock is at 0
  • Only Available as an Event Add-on: this will cause products to not show up in your point of sale, however, you will be able to select them as an add-on when building out an event(i.e. you have an event-specific t-shirt members can purchase)
  • Hide on Mobile App: this will cause products to be hidden from the point of sale in the mobile app, however, they will still show up in your point of sale on your admin Pulse site

TIP! For any products you are selling on the mobile app, make them fulfillable so you can ensure you keep track of when orders get picked up

In order to keep track of your inventory, you can enter how many of that specific product you currently have in the Inventory field. 

TIP! If you're offering multiple options for a product, don't enter the inventory on the main product. You'll want to hold off and add inventory to each option. That way, your inventory will track properly.

The image field is where you can browse your files to add an image for the product that will show up in your point of sale and on the customer app. 

To better organize your point of sale, you can select what categories the product falls into from the category options you have already created. In the Suppliers field, you can select a supplier from the suppliers you previously added on the Suppliers page. 

When you are finished editing your product, make sure to click the Save and Continue button located in the top right corner of the page. 

In order to edit products once they have been made you will need to navigate back to the main product page. From there you can view all of your saved products and click on the Edit button in the bottom right corner of whichever product you are looking to edit.

Creating Product Options

If you sell different variations of the same product, you can add multiple product options at the bottom of the Add Product page. The ability to add new product options will only appear after you have clicked on Save and Continue. For each of the options you create, you can provide a different SKU, inventory quantity, and price. 

Once you are finished creating a pricing option, click the Save button. After you have saved your first pricing option you will be able to add another.