Fulfillment Center

The Key Steps 

  1. Click on the Money icon
  2. Click on Fulfillment under the E-Commerce section
  3. Click on the view button next to the order you want to fulfill
  4. Click on the Fulfill button

👇 For more detailed steps, refer to the article below:

Accessing Your Fulfillment Center 

When you are building out products in your Point of Sale, you will have the option to make them ‘Fulfillable’ and to ‘Allow Backorders’. 

Making a product fulfillable means that every time someone purchases that product you will need to mark in Pulse that they received their order. 

Selecting ‘Allow Backorders’ means that the product can be purchased even if the stock in your inventory is at 0.

You can view your fulfilled and unfulfilled orders in the Fulfillment Center of your Pulse account. 

To navigate there, click on the Money (wallet) icon and then select Fulfillment under the E-commerce section. 

Your fulfillment center has 3 tabs: Not Fulfilled, Backordered, and Fulfilled

In the Not Fulfilled tab, you will see a list of invoices for product purchases that have not yet been marked as fulfilled. 

In the Backordered tab, you will see any invoices for products that are out of stock. 

In the Fulfilled tab, you will see all invoices for orders that have been marked as fulfilled.

To fulfill an invoice in the Not Fulfilled tab, click on the view button next to the invoice.

Once you have the invoice open, you can click on the Fulfill button next to the fulfillable product to indicate that the customer has received this product. 

If all the products in the invoice are marked as fulfilled, the invoice will be moved to the Fulfilled tab in your Fulfillment Center.