The Key Steps 

  1. Click on the Communication icon
  2. Click on Campaigns under the Journeys section 
  3. Click on the New Campaign button
  4. Give the Campaign a name and select which category it falls under
  5. Click on the Create button
  6. In the Status section, enter your email sender settings
  7. Click on the Add Campaign Step button
  8. From the pop-up menu select what type of message you want to send
  9. Give the step a name
  10.  Set how long you want to wait before sending the campaign message
  11. Enter your message content into the Message block
  12. Click the blue Save button
  13. Click on the Add Campaign Step button to keep adding steps
  14. Under Status, change the option to Publish when your campaign is ready to publish

👇 For more detailed steps, refer to the article below:

Creating a Campaign

Campaigns are automated message sequences that can be sent to your contacts in different phases. 

Campaign messages are sent out on a timer and can be built out to meet your needs. By building out your campaigns, you'll ensure you are regularly communicating with your contacts in every phase of the customer journey.

To navigate to the Campaigns page, click on the Communication (speech bubble) icon and then select Campaigns under the Journeys section.

When you open the Campaigns page, you will be shown all of your campaign categories. 

If you click on one of your categories you will be able to see all of the campaigns you have in it. 

To create a category, click on the Categories button in the top right corner.

From the Categories page, click on the blue Create Category button. Give the category a name and provide a description of what kind of campaigns will go in that category. Click on the blue create button to create this category. 

Now that you have created a category, you can start building your first campaign by clicking on the New Campaign button. 

Give your campaign a name that describes what it is for. You also have the option to select a category to sort this campaign into. 

NOTE: If you haven't added any categories, your campaign will automatically go into an "Uncategorized" group.

Once you have filled out the fields, click on the blue Create button.

After you have created your campaign, you will be taken to the campaign edit screen. 

Before building out the steps, on the left hand side of the page, provide a From Name and a From Address for when you send out emails.

NOTE: This will default to the business name and marketing email you set when you created your Pulse account.

When you are ready to start adding messages to your campaign, click on the Add Campaign Step button. 

Each step is a separate message you will send the contact.

Once you add a step, name it so you can keep track of your steps. 

In the I want to wait field you will indicate how long you want to wait after someone is added to this campaign before sending out this step. 

For additional steps, this field will indicate how long you want to wait between steps. You have the ability to measure the wait time in minutes, hours or days. Next to the wait time field you will select whether you will be sending an MMS, SMS or email.

NOTE: For new lead campaigns, we recommend the wait field be 2 minutes for the initial message. That way, the first message in the sequence will go out to your new lead two minutes after they opt-in on your website.

If you select to send a text, you will type out your message in the Message field. You also have the ability to use merge tags in this field so you can automatically pull in values about the contact you are messaging.

If you are sending an email you will provide a subject line, preview text, and a message body. For all 3 of these fields you have the ability to use merge tags.

After your message is complete, click on the blue Save button. 

To add another step, click on the Add Campaign Step button again. 

When you are finished building out your campaign and ready for people to start being added to the campaign, you will change the Status of your campaign to Published. To change the campaign’s Status, click on the status field on the left side of the page and select Published from the drop down menu.

In order to have contacts automatically added to your campaign sequences you will want to create triggers that add people to your campaigns. 

Check out our help article on triggers for more information on building triggers.