Trigger Log

The Key Steps

  1. Select the Communication icon
  2. Click on Trigger Logs under the Tools section

👇 For more detailed steps, refer to the article below:

Accessing Your Trigger Log

Your trigger log is an ongoing record of which triggers are being set off in your Pulse system. The log keeps track of who the trigger is being set off by, what action set it off, and when the trigger was activated. Checking your trigger log is a good way to see if your triggers are being set off correctly.

To access your Trigger log, click on the Communication (chat bubble) icon and then select Trigger Logs under Tools.

The User column tells you which contact the trigger was activated by. 

Under the Trigger Name column, you'll see which of the triggers was initiated. 

The Action column tells you what action the trigger initiated and the Triggered At column is a timestamp of when the trigger went off.