Enrolling a New Member from the Message Templates Page

The Key Steps

  1. Click on the Settings icon
  2. Select Membership Templates under the Global section
  3. Click on the pricing option you want to sign someone up for
  4. Click on the Sign-Up button
  5. For contacts already in your system, select their name in the Select Existing User field
  6. For new contacts, manually input their Customer Information
  7. Enter or request the Payment Information
  8. Select how the agreement will be signed
  9. Click the Checkout Securely button

👇 For more detailed steps, refer to the article below:

Enrolling a New Member from the Message Templates Page

When signing someone up for a membership, you can either sign them up from their existing contact profile(if they are already in your system) or from the Membership Templates page. 

To navigate to the Membership Templates page, click on the Settings icon and then select Membership Templates under the Global section.

From the Membership Templates page, you will need to click on the name of the pricing option you want to sign someone up for. On the page for that particular pricing option, you will click on the Sign Up button.

Once on the signup page, you can either manually enter the basic information for your new member or you can pull in an existing contact. 

If you already have the new member in your system as a lead, you can select their name in the Select Existing User box. Doing this will automatically populate the Basic Information fields with the information you have on file for this contact.

If you are signing up a child for a kids membership, under where it says ‘Who is attending?’ you will click on Someone Else. This option will cause new fields to appear where you can enter the child’s information.

If you have any Add-ons associated with this pricing option, you will be prompted to select which product option you want.

The next section you will need to fill out is Payment Information

If you select Card, you will be prompted to enter the card information. For Cash/Check payments, Pulse will note that they paid with cash/check, however, your staff is responsible for collecting the payment. If you select the Request option, Pulse will send an email to the contact, asking them to provide payment information before their membership is finalized.

On the right hand side of the signup page, you will see you have the following sections you can adjust: Membership Cost, Options and Coupons.

In the Membership Cost section, you can change the down payment amount from the default price set for this pricing option. This is helpful if you want to waive someone’s down payment for signing up immediately after their trial class.

In the Options section, you are able to change some of the default settings for this pricing option. These changes will only be applied for the member you are signing up, not other members with this pricing option.

The coupon section is where you would enter one of the coupon codes that are valid for this membership, if applicable.

Once everything on the checkout page is completed, click on the Checkout Securely button at the bottom of the page.