The Key Steps 

  1. Click on the Customer Portal icon
  2. Click on News under the Mobile section
  3. Click on the Create News button
  4. Enter a title for your news post
  5. Upload a horizontal image to go with your news post
  6. Enter the content for your post in the Content field
  7. Click on the blue Create button

👇 For more detailed steps, refer to the article below:

Creating a News Post

A great way to communicate with members outside of your facility is through the News feature in your Customer Portal. With the News feature, you can post updates about things going on in your studio to the main page of the customer portal app.

To add in new News posts, click on the Customer Portal icon and then select News from the Mobile section.

On the News page, you can create new posts and edit your current posts. 

To create a new post, click on the Create News button in the top right corner of the screen.

To start creating your new post, enter a Title for the post. 

Next, upload an image to go with your post. Make sure the image is horizontal to minimize the image being cut off in the app. 

The final step in creating your post is to enter the content into the Content box.

Once you are ready for your post to be published in the Member app, click on the blue Create button at the bottom of the screen.

Now when members enter their Member app, your new post will appear at the top of their dashboard as soon as they enter the app.

To see the rest of the content for your post, they can tap on the post they want to see to open it completely. It will show up in the app like the example below.

Editing or Deleting a News Post

If you ever need to edit or archive a news post, you can do so from the News page in your Pulse system. 

Click on the Title of the post you want to edit or archive to open the editing screen.

On this page, you can make changes to the post and then click on the blue Update button to update how the post appears in the app.

If you want to remove the post from your news feed in the app, click on the Archive this News button in the top right corner of the page.