The Key Steps

  1. Click on the Reports icon
  2. Click on Transactions under Finances
  3. Click on Merchandise or Memberships to filter the transactions
  4. Select the date range you want to view
  5. Click on the blue Update Data button

👇 For more detailed steps, refer to the article below:

Accessing Your Transactions Report

The Transactions Report lists all transactions that are processed in your Pulse system. 

To access your Transactions Report, click on the report (pie chart) icon and then click on Transactions under Finances. 

From the Transactions report, you can filter whether you want to view Merchandise or Membership transactions by clicking on the corresponding button. 

You can also specify what dates you want to view transactions for. 

This field will default to the current month, however, if you want to change the range click in the field and it will pop open a calendar for you to choose the start and end date from.

After you have changed the date range, click on the blue Update Data button to update the report.

If you want to export a copy of this report, click on the green Export button.