Promoting Student Rank

The Key Steps

  1. Select the People icon
  2. Click on Just Members under the People section
  3. Click on the name of the Member whose rank you are going to promote
  4. On the Member’s Profile:
    • Scroll down to the Ranks section
    • Click on the up arrow next to the rank they are currently in
    • Select Yes from the box that appears

👇 For more detailed steps refer to the article below

Promoting a Student’s Rank

If you need to promote only one student, you are able to manually promote them on their profile page. T

o access all of your members' profiles, click on the People icon in the left hand panel. Under the People section, click on Just Members.

The Just Members page will have all of your active members listed. To open a particular member’s profile, click on their name.

Once you are on the profile page for that member, you will scroll down to the Ranks sections. There will be a list of any ranks they have already completed in addition to the rank they are currently on. 

The rank they are actively working on will have ‘In Progress’ under the completed column. To promote them from this rank, click on the upward arrow to the right of where it says ‘In Progress’.

You will then select Yes from the box that appears asking ‘Are you sure?’. 

Once you do this, the Completed column for that rank will be changed to the date you promoted them. 

The student will automatically be added to the next rank in that Style.