Cancel Membership

The Key Steps

  1. Select the People icon
  2. Click on Just Members under the People section
  3. Click on the name of the Member to cancel
  4. On the Member’s profile:
  5. Click on Memberships from the left hand column
  6. Find the membership under the Active section
    1. Click on the Action button
    2. Select Cancel from the drop down menu
  7. On the Cancel Membership page:
    1. Add a Cancellation date if applicable
    2. Click on the Cancel Membership button

👇 For more detailed steps refer to the article below:

Canceling a Membership

In order to cancel a student’s membership, you will need to navigate to that member’s profile.

To find all of your member profiles, click on the People icon and then select Just Members underneath the People section.

Once you are on the Just Members page, click on the name of the member you need to cancel. This will direct you to their profile page.

From the member’s profile page, you will click on Memberships to view the memberships associated with the account.

Under the Active section, find the membership you would like to cancel and click on the Actions button. 

From the drop down menu that appears select Cancel.

On the cancellation page you will have the option to select on what day you want the membership to be cancelled. If you want the membership to cancel at the end of the current billing cycle, leave the field blank. 

When you are ready, select the Cancel Membership button.

After a membership is cancelled it will show up in the Expired section on the contact’s Membership page.