Create Staff Account

The Key Steps

  1. Click on the Settings icon
  2. Select People under the Staff section
  3. Click on the New Staff button
  4. Enter the staff members First Name, Last Name, and Email
  5. In the Role field, select 'support' from the drop-down menu
  6. Click on the Create Staff button

👇 For more detailed steps refer to the article below

Creating a Staff Account

Learn how to easily create a new staff account. Please note, only those with the "Owner" role can add or remove staff.

On the Pulse Dashboard, click the Settings icon at the bottom of the navigation bar on the left. Then scroll down to the Staff section and click on People.

On this page, you can view all of your current staff accounts. Click on the New Staff button on the top right to create a new account.

On the Create Staff page, add your support staff's personal information and select their role as "support" on the role dropdown. Once that has been completed click on the blue Create staff button.

Your new staff account has been created and a link has been set to add their password to their account. At any time you can go back to the staff page to add new users or remove them. 

You can also reset their password by clicking the actions drop-down and selecting reset password. It will then send the user an email to securely reset their password. 

Video Walk-Through: