Transferring Credit Card Data

Retrieving Credit Card Tokens

Transferring your existing customer's credit card data into our supported payment processor, Stripe can be a great way to get started quickly with Pulse.

To begin your data transfer process, you must reach out to your existing payment processor and request that the tokens for your customer's credit cards be sent directly to Stripe to be imported.

Depending on which CRM you are migrating from, your payment processor may be different. To find the payment processor you're currently using, please check your merchant statement for any contact information.

Although your payment processor may be different, these are the most popular companies, based on the CRM you are currently using:

ZenPlanner: PaySimple - 800-466-0992 -
MyStudio: WePay - Submit Email
SPARK: TSYS (Global Payments) - 800-654-9256 - or USA ePay - 866-872-3729 -

Kicksite: Solupay - 888-765-8729 -
Rainmaker: PaySimple - 800-466-0992 -

Having the following information handy when reaching out to these companies will be very helpful:

  • Merchant ID Number
  • Business Name
  • Stripe Account ID

You can find your Stripe Account ID by logging into your Stripe account, and navigating to this URL: Once you're on this page, you should see your Stripe Account ID at the top right. The format should look like this: acct_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Click on the account ID to copy it to your clipboard.

When requesting by phone, this is how you can ask for the information:

Hello, I'm looking to switch my payment processor over from your services to Stripe. I need my customer's credit card tokens sent over to their team for migration. What email is the best to send this request to?

When requesting by email, this is how you can ask for the information:


I'm looking to transfer my customer's credit card information (tokens) to my new payment processor, Stripe.

Here is my account information:

Merchant ID Number: {insert ID number}
Business Name: {insert business name}
Stripe Account to Transfer to: {insert stripe account ID}

Please let me know if you need any other information, and an estimate on when my customers information will be submitted to Stripe.

Thank you

Once Credit Card Tokens Have Transferred

Once you have received notification from Stripe that the credit card information has been added into your Stripe account, please send an email to with the following information:

  • Subject: Tokens Transferred Into Stripe Account
  • Message: Hello, I've been notified by Stripe that my customer's credit card tokens have been transferred into my Stripe account. Please review my account to confirm and send the next steps for associating these credit cards with my customers. Thank you.

After the credit cards have been transferred to your Stripe account, there are a couple of ways to associate the credit cards with your customers.

If you have not imported your customers yet, our import system has a column where you'll be able to specify the customer's Stripe customer ID. To learn more about this, please visit this article.

Alternately, if you've already imported your customers as users into Pulse, you can use our Payment Matching Tool to associate Pulse users with Stripe

Please Note: 

When importing, if a customer only has one payment method attached the system will not send an automated payment method request to said customer. If they have multiple payment methods on file it will send an automated payment method request and use their response as the primary method on file. 

If you would like to only have one payment method on file and prevent the automated payment method request to send, you can sign in to your stripe account and remove the extra payment methods attached to your customers. You can verify between your current CRM to see the primary payment method that is currently in use. 

If you have any further questions please let our support staff know at