Best Practices

Formatting Data

To start your migration process, formatting your data is going to be the best place to start.

Depending on which system you're switching from, we've created tools to help format your customer data automatically. Visit our CSV Conversion help document to learn more on how to run this process.

Once your document has been converted, please visit our User Import document to learn how to finalize your CSV file for importing.

Communication With Students

Transparency with your students & guardians will make this transition period so much easier! When your customers know that you're moving to a new system, it gives them a heads up that they can expect communication from the system, and it's not something they should ignore. Here are the steps we recommend you take to communicate with your customers:

Email Notification

Using your existing CRM or email marketing tool, send an email to your customers letting them know that you are in the process of switching to a new CRM. It's important to let them know why you're switching, and it's best to give them a reason that will make them excited. Making them excited about the transition will make them much more responsive when it comes to action steps they'll need to take.

Here is an email template that you can use to send to your customers:

Hey there!

First off, I wanted to send a quick thank you for being a valued member of {insert school name}. We are always looking for new ways we can offer you the best possible service & experience with us.

We are in the process of switching from {insert old software name} to our new software provider, Pulse. Pulse is an all-in-one member management system for martial arts schools. Using Pulse is going to allow us to run our facility more efficiently, which in turn will free up our time to focus more on being better instructors and leaders for you and your family. As well, by using Pulse, it's going to make your life easier by giving you access to easily manage your membership, access our pro shop, curriculum videos, sign up for classes, and more straight through your phone.

This transition process will take place over the next few weeks. You should expect an email that will allow you to verify the existing information we have on file for you. This email will be sent {insert a date range, or 'within the next few days'}.

When you have a moment, we would appreciate you clicking on the link in the email and following the steps.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out directly to our team in person, or by emailing us at {insert email here}.

Thank you,

In-Person Announcement

Since not everyone will see your e-mail, it's important to make this transition known in-person as well. Make it a point to have your instructors mention the transition at the beginning and end of class leading up to the transition period. Again, be sure to mention what they can expect, when they can expect it, and why this is going to be a great change for them!

Import CSV & Follow Up

Now that you have your formatted file and your customers are aware of your new CRM, it's time to import them.

We've put together documentation that you can follow for the importing process.

Once your users are imported, if you did not transfer card tokens into Stripe, you'll want to ensure that you go in every other day and re-send the payment method request email to your members who have not yet filled it out.

As your list gets smaller, you can approach the members who have not submitted their payment info directly in person and ask for their payment method. Inside of your import, you can find the member and insert their payment info manually under the Actions column.