Promotion Groups

The Key Steps 

  1. Click on the People icon
  2. Click on Mass Promotions under the Attendance section
  3. Click on the name of the Promotion you want to add a group to
  4. Click on the New Group button
  5. Provide a name and description for the group
  6. Enter a cost for the promotion, if applicable
  7. Set a time and date for the group event
  8. Select the style for the promotion
  9. Select which rosters have students up for this promotion
  10.  Use smart lists to further filter students up for promotion, if applicable
  11.  Click on the Create Promotion Group button

👇 For more detailed steps, refer to the article below:

Creating a Promotion Group

Within each promotion, you can create more specific promotion groups. A group will be a list of students up for promotion who will all be tested at the same time and are in the same style. 

To create a promotion group, begin by clicking on the People icon and then select Mass Promotions under the Attendance section.

From the Mass Promotions page, you will click on the name of the promotion you are adding a group for.

Once you are on the page for that particular promotion, you will see all the different promotion groups listed. 

To create a new group, click on the New Group button.

From the Create Group page, you will give your group a name and you have the option to upload an image for this group. You will need to provide a brief description of what this group is for. In the Cost field, you will enter the price for the promotion, if applicable.

Next, in the Happens At field, you can specify at what time and date this promotion event will take place. 

The Style field is where you will choose which ranking system will be used for this promotion. 

The Rosters and Smart lists fields can both be used to indicate which students are included in this promotion group. 

You can filter by only Rosters or only Smart lists. 

If you want to select more than one roster or smart list, hold the control button while you click on all the options you want to include in this group.  

Once you are done setting up this promotion group, click on the Create Promotion Group button.

Once you have created a promotion group it will show up as a tab on the main promotion page. This tab is where you can nominate, notify and promote the students in this group. 

To access all of the different actions you can use on this tab, click on the action button in the top right corner.

To select which students you want these group actions to apply to, click on the empty checkboxes next to the names of the students up for promotions. Some of the actions you can perform are:

  • Nominate All - this will mark that all selected students have been officially nominated
  • Mark All Paid - this will mark that the selected students have paid the cost for the promotion
  • Promote All - this will officially promote the selected students to the next rank in the style 
  • Notify All - this will send an email to all the selected students letting them know that they are up for promotion and it will ask them for payment for the promotion cost

If you need to use actions for one student, you can click on the Actions button in the row for that student. 

From the Actions button, you have most of the same options as the group actions button, however, you also have the ability to process payment. If someone comes to pay for their promotion in person, you would click on the Process Payment option from the Actions dropdown menu. 

The Attendance and Time columns in the group table indicate whether or not the student has reached the goals for the next rank. The Attendance column will be marked Yes if they have completed the required number of classes. The Time column will be marked Yes if they have been in the program for the required number of days. 

To export this group page to be used during your promotion event, you will click on the main Actions button at the top of the page. Select Export from the drop-down menu. The export will be a CSV file with the students in this group and the promotion information listed.