Trigger Categories

The Key Steps 

  1. Click on the Communication icon
  2. Click on Triggers under the Journeys section
  3. Click on the Categories button
  4. Click on the Create Category button
  5. Give the category a name and description
  6. Click on the Create button

👇 For more detailed steps, refer to the article below:

Building Trigger Categories

Categories are a feature that allow you to sort your Triggers. Trigger categories are customizable, so it is up to you how you want to sort your triggers. 

To create a new trigger category, click on the communication (chat bubble) icon and then select Triggers under the Journeys section.

This will take you to the main trigger page. To add and edit your categories, click on the Categories button in the top right corner.

To create your first category, click on the Create Category button.

When building a category, you will give the category a name and a description explaining what kind of triggers will go in this category. 

Click on the blue Create button when you are done.