Communication FAQs

Where do I email a contact individually?

You can email contacts individually from the contact profile. 

How much does it cost to send emails and text messages?

You can send unlimited emails for free from Pulse. To send SMS messages, you will use SMS credits. With your Pulse account, you'll get 2,500 credits to start and each credit after that costs 2 cents. 

How can I check if contacts are receiving campaign messages?

If you got a contact's profile from within the People section, you can click into the Campaigns tab. This will show you which campaigns the contact is assigned to, as well as which message in the campaign they'll receive next.

How do I purchase more SMS credits?

On the SMS Credits page in the Sections tab, you can click on the Top Up button in the top-right corner. When you purchase more SMS credits, you'll select how many dollars worth of credits you would like to purchase.

How do I change my safe hours?

Safe hours are the designated hours when messages can be sent out from your Pulse account. To change or set your safe hours, click into the Settings section and then click on SMS settings under Communication. Once you entered your start and end time for the safe hours, click on the Edit button.

How can I see if my triggers are working?

To make sure your triggers are actually firing, you can go to the Communication section and then select Trigger Logs under the Tools section. This will show you a running list of all the times triggers have been fired in your Pulse system.

What happens if a contact has a communication status of unsubscribed?

Contacts who unsubscribe from your communication will stop receiving messages from campaigns as well as any bulk messages you send out. If you only want someone to stop receiving campaign messages, remove them from any campaigns but leave their status as subscribed.