Attendance + Scheduling FAQs

How do members book themselves into classes?

By downloading the member app, your students can go to the bookings tab and sign themselves up for classes they have access to based on their roster.

How can I see who's signed up for a class?

To view your upcoming classes, click into the People section and then open the Booked Classes page. On this page, you can select what date you want to view and then select one of the classes for that day to see who's signed up.

Where can I check students in for class?

You have can either download the attendance app on a tablet in your facility or manually check students in on your computer from the Check-in page in the People section.

What's the best way to set up private lessons in Pulse?

You can offer private lessons in Pulse by creating Scheduling Pages. These pages will allow you to set your availability for lessons and send a link to students to sign themselves up.

How can I see how many classes a student has attended?

You can access a member's profile by going to the People section and clicking open the Members page. Once you locate the member you want to view, you can click open their Attendance tab to see how many classes they've attended and their progress towards earning their next rank.

How do I cancel classes in Pulse?

If your studio is closed for a holiday or weather, you can use the Blockout Dates page in the People section to specify what classes are canceled on what dates. Once a class is blocked out, it will no longer show up in the member app for members to sign up.