Creating Family Membership Plan Options

The Key Steps 

Creating Your First Add-On Membership

  1. Click on the Settings icon
  2. Click on Membership Templates under the Global section
  3. To create a family add-on pricing option:  
    • Click on the Create Pricing Option button  
    • On the Basic Info page, un-check ‘Show this membership on the public page
    • Enter in the Price field your add-on member cost
    • Click on the Save button to create your Add-On pricing option

Duplicating Your Add-On Membership

  1. From the Membership Templates page, click on the name of the add-on pricing option you created
  2. Click on the Duplicate button
  3. Change the Pricing Option Name field
  4. Select a different Membership Group
  5. Select a different roster, if applicable
  6. Select the appropriate tags
  7. Click on the Save button to create your new add-on pricing option

👇 For more detailed steps, refer to the article below:

Creating a Family Plan Membership 

If you offer special rates for families that sign up for memberships at your facility, you can create add-on membership pricing options to sign up additional family members up at a discounted rate. 

By building these add-on options out, each family member will have their own member profile in the system which will simplify your member management process.

When you have people sign up for family memberships, you will first want to sign-up the main account holder for a regular membership pricing option. This pricing option can be for whichever program they are interested in. 

You will then want to sign-up the additional family members for special add-on membership pricing options, specific to the program they are interested in signing up for.

To start creating the add-on pricing options, click on the Settings icon and then select Membership Templates under the Global section.

On the Membership Templates page, you will want to create an add-on pricing option for each of your programs. For example, if the cost for a 2nd family member to sign-up is only $25 more a month, you will want to build a pricing option called ‘2nd Family Add-On’ within each of your existing Membership Groups.

To create a new pricing option, click on the Create Pricing Option button at the top right corner of the screen.

When naming the pricing option for your add-ons, it is helpful to include Add-On in the title so the option is easy to locate when signing someone up. 

On the basic information page, make sure to un-check the ‘Show this option on public membership group signup page’ so members cannot sign themselves up for this discounted rate.

As you build out this pricing option, you will select the roster and tags based on the program this option is for. 

Once you get to the Billing Cycles page, you will enter in the Price field how much the family will be charged for this additional family member. Click on the Save button at the bottom of the page when you are done. 

For more information on building out your pricing options, check out this help article.

Now that you have built an add-on pricing option for one program, you will want to repeat this process to make add-on options within each of your different programs. 

To simplify this process, if you open the add-on pricing option you just created, you can click on the Duplicate button.

After clicking on the Duplicate button, you will be taken back to the steps for creating a new pricing option and all of the fields will already be populated based on the Add-On membership you duplicated. 

The fields you will need to change are Pricing Option Name, Membership Group, Roster, and Tags. 

Once you create an add-on pricing option within each membership group, you will be ready to start signing new members up for family plans.