People Reports

What Are the People Reports?

Within the Reports tab, there is a People section with reports that provide updated information about your members. 

To access the different people reports, click on the Reports icon. The current people reports are Eligible for Promotion, Unsigned Agreements, and Pending Memberships.

Eligible for Promotion

The Eligible for Promotion report is a great way to find out if any of your members have met the requirements to earn the next rank in the style they are in. This report will list all of the members who are eligible for promotion in order of their ‘Earned Date’ - which is when they became eligible. Those who have been eligible longest will be at the top.

For each eligible member, this report will show their roster, style, current rank, next rank, and belt size.

Unsigned Agreements 

The Unsigned Agreements report is a way for you to know which members have yet to e-sign their membership agreement. This report is sorted by the When column, which tells you how long ago the member signed up for their membership. 

From this report, you can click on the Actions button for any of the agreements.

By clicking on the options button you can delete the agreement, re-send the agreement to the member, or open the agreement so the member can sign it in person.

If you select the Sign in Person option, you will be taken directly to the unsigned agreement so the member can provide their e-signature.

Pending Memberships

The Pending Memberships report will let you know which memberships have not been finalized due to the contact not providing a payment method. 

From this report, you can click on the Actions button next to a membership for different options to collect a payment method.

In the actions drop-down menu, you can choose View, Resend Email, or delete. The View option will open a page where you can manually enter the member’s payment information. The Resend Email option will send an email to the contact asking them to provide their payment information.


The Birthdays report will show you any contacts who have birthdays during the date range you select.

On this report, you can click open the date range selector in the top right corner of the page to select which time period you want to generate a list of birthdays for. You can either manually select the date range from the calendar on the right or you can choose one of the options from the list on the left.

Once you've specified your date range, the report will generate a list of contacts and their birthdays. If you want to export this list of contacts and birthdays as a CSV file, click on the blue Export button.