Getting Started With Pulse

Getting Started with Pulse

Pulse is a member management software designed to work for your facility. To help you get started with customizing your system, follow these steps to simplify your setup process. Click on the links within each step for more detailed instructions on these topics.

1. Choose Your Default Settings

Before you start taking payment in Pulse, you will need to set your default Point of Sale settings and select what Payment Options you want to accept. You can also set up the appearance of your customer portal by setting up your Branding.

2. Create Your Agreements

Agreements are where you’ll have new trials and members sign all of the important legal information before they start attending classes. You can use merge tags to help build your agreements and automatically pull in a contact’s information.

3. Build Out Your Styles

Styles are the different ranking systems you use at your facility and they help you keep track of your member’s ranks. You can also set goals for each rank to track when students are eligible for promotion. 

4. Add Classes to Your Schedule

By building out your Classes, you’ll be able to see what members are booked for classes. This will also simplify taking attendance when members come to class.

5. Setup Rosters to Organize Your Students

Rosters help group your members based on what classes they can take and what style they’re in. You can create rosters for each of your programs or customize them however works best for you.

6. Create Membership Groups with All Your Pricing Options

Once you’ve built out your agreements, classes, and rosters you are ready to create your memberships. As you build out your memberships, you’ll first create Membership Groups for each of your programs and then create Pricing Options within the group.

If you have any questions with these initial steps, make sure to reach out to our implementation team by sending an email to