Attendance Reports

What are Attendance Reports?

Within the Reports tab, the Attendance section includes reports that provide information about your class attendance data. 

To access the different attendance reports, click on the Reports icon. Currently, the Attendance section includes the MIA (Missing in Action) report.


The Missing in Action report allows you to see what members have not attended any classes during the date range you select. This is a helpful tool if you want to reach out to members you haven't seen in a while to support your retention efforts.

To specify what period of time you're interested in pulling missing members for, click on the date range selector on the top right corner of the page. You can either manually select the date range from the calendar on the right or you can choose one of the options from the list on the left.

Once you have specified what time period you want to look at, the report will generate a list of all members who did not attend a class during that date range. The report includes which class the contact last attended and when it was. 

Note: This report will only pull active members so trials and previous members will not be included.